2021 Fishing Season Results and 2022 Fishing Outlook

Hakai Pass & Rivers Inlet

Thank you to all our guests who fished at Hakai Lodge this past summer.

2021 was the second year in nearly 50 years that Hakai Pass saw little to no fishing activity…. Not only Hakai Lodge was closed in 2020 and 2021 but all of the neighboring lodges and resorts were also closed due to COVID.  The few reports we did receive were amazing. Rivers Inlet was teeming with an amazing run of Tyee’s this summer. A whopping 106 lb Tyee was caught and released in 2020 with reports of many fish in the 60 to 70 lb range were caught by the rare few that were able to fish BC. These very fish pass through Hakai Pass on their journey to Rivers Inlet. This is a bright spot for the fishery and it’s health and we hope to land a few of the hogs in 2022

We are now consistently seeing more Kings in the 30 to 40 pound range, Coho in the 12 to 20-plus pound range, and Halibut at 50-plus pounds. Ling Cod and Snapper are plentiful as well, and are favorites for our guests.

Water conditions in the North Pacific Ocean are forecasted to be to normal to below normal temperature, bringing plentiful food supplies to attract a strong 2022 salmon return and good ocean conditions for the next generation and have been ideal the past 3 years. The 2022 season is predicted to have great returns should make Hakai Pass fishing excellent!

The Canadian Fisheries are also predicting a moderate to strong King Salmon returns for 2022 based on the escapement numbers they had 4-5 years ago. It will be those fish migrating by us on their journey southbound. The hatchery program in Rivers Inlet (where our trophy fish are bound for) is the best it has ever been thanks to strong participation by the local lodge community.

The past few of years, we updated our guest cabins to ensure our guests a warm, cozy place after your day of fishing. We remodeled several of our other buildings, including adding large picture windows to our dining room for your enjoyment.

We also replaced all our boats with larger, 17 foot Boston Whalers with 40 & 50 HP four stroke Yamaha outboards. All boats were completely overhauled a few years ago bringing the fleet of Whalers to tip top shape. Our guests found these boats comfortable and easy to maneuver while fishing for their trophy salmon. Most all of our fleet of Whaler’s have been completely rebuilt and are in like new condition from the new seats to complete hull refinishing.

Why go to an Alaskan fishing lodge when you can catch big fish in the calm waters of the BC Coast.

Thanks to our loyal guests, we are privileged to look forward to awesome fishing season at Hakai Lodge in 2022. Come join us!

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