The Fishing
Advantage of Hakai Pass

Trophy Sized King Salmon Fishing

A unique combination of weather, geography, and other conditions create the fisherman’s “perfect storm” for world-class king salmon fishing conditions not found anywhere else on the coast, including Alaska. Hundreds of small islands ensure calm Pacific waters and abundant fishing in the summer time – not to mention the breathtaking, unspoiled scenery.

Many of the trophy sized King (Chinook) Salmon that guests have caught over the years at Hakai Lodge are bound for nearby Rivers Inlet. Rivers Inlet is world renowned for it’s record sized fish, the largest on record being a whopping 124 lbs! Those fish migrate through Hakai Pass on their final journey to the Kilbella and Chuckwalla Rivers at the head of Rivers Inlet.

Hakai Lodge has been attracting amateur and professional fishing sportsmen and sportswomen from around the world for 40 years now. The location of the Lodge was very specifically chosen by touring much of the coast along the Pacific Northwest. Hakai is positioned among hundreds of small islands and islets where trophy king salmon have been caught over the years. This provides seemingly endless areas of calm water and kelp, which attract herring in the top 20 feet of water. Since salmon can see up but not down, we fish in the top 12 – 15 feet of water as they feed in these calm waters. The islands and islets also keep the tidal flow very gentle, making it a natural place for trolling, mooching and motor mooching.

Hakai Pass is also a plentiful habitat for a thriving ground fishery. Halibut, ling cod and red snapper are plentiful. The Hakai area halibut fishing grounds are located off the northwest tip of Calvert Island which is a 30 minute boat trip to the prime halibut hole. Halibut fishing trips are available when weather and water conditions permit which are generally in the early morning. Come to Hakai Lodge and hook into a 100 plus lbs halibut!

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